Certified Agile Leadership Program


We are the leader in building and sustaining agile leadership and agile organizations.

We developed the standard in enterprise agile coaching, developing agile leadership, and guiding organizational agility.

Scaling 360 Agility

We root agility through agile leadership and strengthen organizations to effectively scale agility.


Our ONLY focus is on guiding your success as an adaptive & responsive organization. 

We don't sell tools, outsource, or embed contractors. We simply catalyze your organization to be more effective.

Integrating 360 Agility

Our holistic approach integrates and aligns organizational functions to drive improved results.


Our client results have been showcased in books, conferences and the community.

Our results have stood the test of time - sustaining and growing agility and business success through agility.

Guiding 360 Agility

Our guidance starts with Scrum, empowers teams, aligns programs and deepens agile values throughout the organization.


How we work


We are the only agile guide who will work with your organization from the "INSIDE-OUT". That means, we provide a holistic and aligned agile change program tied to your organizational culture and structured for sustainability.


Pete Behrens develops agile leaders and guides agile organizations to improve their results. If you are looking to Scale Agility, let us be your guide. Pete has been guiding agility for over 15 years.


About Trail Ridge

Trail Ridge Consulting is the only firm guiding organizational agility from the inside-out. That is, we start with an understanding of your organization's culture, then focus on organizational structures which will not only enable agility, but foster organizational growth and sustainability. 

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